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In-Home Sleep Training

welcome to the sleep you've always dreamed of. 

customized, in-home baby & toddler sleep training support. go from barely surviving to thriving in 72 hours or less, guaranteed.

Serving Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and the surrounding area, including the metro areas of  Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Columbus.  Travel to additional domestic and international locations available on request. 


are you tired of being tired?

You're over fighting the bedtime battle.

You're sick of the late night googling that leads to more frustration than answers--

"Why won't my baby sleep?" "How to get my baby to sleep" "When will my child sleep through the night?"

You may have tried every book, mommy group recommendation, bedtime routine, and parenting hack to no avail.

You may have been told "this too shall pass", but in the meantime you're experiencing your baby's childhood through a foggy haze of sleep deprivation.

You're struggling to connect with your partner when your evenings and bedroom are no longer your own.

You may have been told that this is something that you just have to deal with, but we want you to know:

You don't have to live this way.

chronic sleep deprivation isn't a parenting rite of passage. 

You, your baby, and your entire family deserve the sleep you want and need for a healthy life. 

What kind of parent would you be with a restful night's sleep every single night? How would you reconnect with your partner, your children, and yourself? How will sleep change the way you preform at home, at work, and in your hobbies (remember those?!)?  

We want to help you answer those questions. We want to help you and your family sleep. 

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Our certified sleep COach guarantees 100% success to our sleep coaching clients. your dreams of a well rested home can be a reality in as few as 48 hours. 


how the bluegrass baby co. method works


This isn't just another rigid schedule based on a book or blog. This isn't just a distant voice on the phone or face on your Skype or FaceTime screen. With our method of sleep training, your Sleep Coach is right there with you in your home, walking you through every step of the process. 


Our customized approach to helping your family sleep begins with a powerful 30-minute phone call. This call is free. It will help us understand exactly what’s happening, and be 100% sure we can help. If not, we’ll tell you straight. We will not take your money if we’re not positive that we can help you sleep through the night. 


Before we meet, you will fill out our comprehensive intake questionnaire to help us get clear on your needs and goals, so that we can effectively jump right into our work in-person.

Next, we’ll come to your home, get to know everything about your family, your baby, your home, and any obstacles holding you back.


Your Sleep Coach will stay with you in your home for 72 hours, 48 hours, or 3 consecutive nights. During this highly focused time, we will get to understand your baby's habits and needs, while taking into account his or her age, developmental stage, personality and more. We will develop a tailor-made action plan and modify it to perfection over the 48-72 hours we are with you.


Our Sleep Training Programs are designed to continue supporting you with coaching calls and unlimited phone and email support for up to 4 weeks after your In-Home Supported Sleep Training. We include this feature because it takes time and consistent practice to change routines, overcome regressions, recover from sleep deprivation, and to make new habits stick. Your baby will be sleep trained after 24 hours, but the ongoing support will ensure that your baby is a great sleeper forever!

Every step of the way we are holding your hand, ensuring that your baby is cared for and sleep trained, and that you feel confident maintaining the changes during and after our time together.


How will a reunion between you and blessed sleep change your home?