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Newborn care

Welcoming your baby home is one of your family's most joyous occasions, but not one without challenges and stumbling blocks.

You're likely caught in the balancing act involving taking care of yourself, taking care of your home, getting to know your new baby, and finding a new rhythm as a larger family. Going from the 24/7 support available at the push of a button in the hospital to being completely on your own only adds to the stress.

At Bluegrass Baby Co., we know that the secret to superior newborn care is to care for the entire family in those first months. We aren't just a nanny or another visitor to entertain. We're here to make you feel comfortable and at home.


your family May FIND OUR professional training and experience in the following areas ESPECIALLY USEFUL:

  • Help with twins, help with triplets, and help with higher order multiples
  • Help for parents recovering from a c-section
  • In home help for NICU graduates and preemies
  • Parents at risk for postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders
  • Help returning to work after maternity leave
  • Parents looking get more sleep with a newborn and help getting baby to sleep through the night


Part of creating a smooth transition from hospital to home is being available for your family any time of day or night. We are happy to bring a little southern comfort to your growing family for one day or night a week, or 6 months straight. 

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What new parent doesn't wish for more sleep? Overnight newborn care is by far our most popular offering. Bluegrass Baby Co. team members are trained and experienced Newborn Care Specialists. Unlike any other night nurses or night nannies, we have special training in creating a safe and calm sleep environment and cultivating healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime (and make sleep coaching or sleep training completely unnecessary down the road).

Sleep deprivation isn't something that you have to endure, and it isn't a necessary rite of passage. When you go from having to sleep when the baby sleeps to sleeping when you want to sleep, you go from barely surviving to thriving.

Your marriage prospers with energy and time in the evenings to devote to each other. You're at less risk of suffering from postpartum mood disorders. You wake feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to bond with your family, take care of your other responsibilities, and even find time for your hobbies and passions.

Daytime Newborn Care involves not only caring for the baby, but caring for the entire family. In addition to every team member being an expert in baby care, our Postpartum Doulas differ from a nanny or mother's helper as trained experts in breastfeeding support, normal recovery after birth, and recognizing postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders. In a typical day, you can expect your Postpartum Doula to:
    -Prepare a hot, home cooked meal and stock the fridge with easy to grab snacks
    -Help you with breastfeeding, wash and organize all of pump and bottle parts, and/or prepare formula
    -Care for your baby while giving you all of the "baby hacks" that will help you recognize your baby's cues and quickly soothe them
    -All of the mundane little things around that house, like folding laundry and loading the dishwasher that's the last thing you feel like doing
    -Caring for your older children while you bond with baby (or vice versa), and helping them adjust to life as a big brother or sister

Our daytime services are particularly useful for parents recovering from a c-section, parents with older children, and parents whose partners have returned to work during the day. Your postpartum doula will provide not only an extra set of hands for the day-to-day tasks, but the time and space that you need to bond with your baby and to take care of yourself, knowing that everything else is being taken care.


24 hour care truly transitions you from the consistent care that a hospital has to offer, while combining the best of both worlds for overnight and daytime care.

Your Newborn Care Specialist (commonly known as a "baby nurse") will work 18-24 hour shifts at your home, tending to your baby's needs and all baby related household tasks to help your family fall into a rhythm together. Newborn Care Specialists are experts in caring for your baby as well as educating parents and other caregivers in newborn care.

24 hour Newborn Care is often utilized in the first week home to help make the transition, but we are happy to have one of our team members stay with your family on a longer term basis, or for shorter tenures to help out during illness, a partner traveling for work, during family vacations, and more.

24 hour Newborn Care is availble nationwide outside of Bluegrass Baby Co.'s service area for an additional travel fee.


You know best what your family needs. When you invite Bluegrass Baby Co. into your home, rest assured knowing that you aren't inviting judgment or pushiness in with us. Our Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas conform to your parenting philosophies and help you meet your unique parenting goals.

Whether that's exclusively breastfeeding or exclusively formula feeding, letting your baby set the schedule or gently getting them into another routine, and every other option along the way and in between; we recognize you as the authority on your family. Period. 


newborn care packages STARTING AT $20/hour

Your family deserves the care of professionals to welcome your baby home