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I have twins or triplets

multiple babies multiply the love and the things to do. bluegrass baby co. can help.

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Even if multiples run in your family, or you have a higher chance of having them thanks to the miracles of fertility treatments, it's still shocking to see two or more little heartbeats on the ultrasound. Life is turning up side down, and then some! Expecting more than one baby at once means a change in plans when it comes to preparing your home, preparing for the birth, and preparing for life with two or more babies. 

Your Baby Prep Specialist will be there to help you know where to begin. Baby Gear Consulting will help you save money with insider secrets on what products you actually need two or three of (and which you can get buy with just one), and which products are absolutely perfect for caring for more than one baby. Nursery Organization is perfect for helping to create a space that will make it easier to care for multiple babies with only two hands --- octopus arms not necessary. Complete Baby planning is perfect for parents expecting multiples. Your Baby Prep Specialist can do all of the above, and then some, helping you expect and handle the unexpected. 

When it's time to bring your babies home (whether they're coming straight home or after some NICU time; whether you're recovering from a vaginal or cesarean birth), Newborn Care and Postpartum Support is a life saver for many parents of multiples. We can help you create a seamless transition from home to hospital by having your Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula join you at home the day that you arrive from the hospital and stay for the day, for the night, or for the first few full days at home.

Daytime support can help teach you the tricks of the trade when it comes to managing two or more babies at once-- and let's be honest, an extra set of hands to help with laundry, dishes, meal prep, etc can be a Godsend.  We can help you create and manage a routine that will help your babies get on the same schedule, which helps the whole family in the long run. 

Overnight support can help you get sleep, while creating an environment that will teach your baby healthy sleep habits and keep them on the same schedule. 

With the expertise and experience of the professionals on the BBCo. team on your team, you'll feel comfortable and at home parenting your babies in no time.