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I have a baby in the NICU

whether you're in the midst of long days at the hospital or you're bringing your NICU baby home, bluegrass baby co. can help. 

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Having a premature, sick, or special needs baby in the NICU can be draining in every way imaginable. At Bluegrass Baby Co., we can offer gentle and compassionate support as you walk this path.

Before you bring your baby home, Baby Prep services  can help you prepare your home, which can be especially helpful if your baby arrived earlier than expected. From stocking and organizing the nursery, to helping you quickly and easily choose the baby gear that's right for your family and budget, we want to help you focus your energy on being with your baby while we take care of things at home. 

Our Newborn Care services are focused on caring for the whole family, which means we can help even before your baby comes home. We can take care of creating easy meals and snacks to grab and go when you're making frequent commutes to be with your baby in the hospital, and make sure that you come home to the chaos of laundry, dishes, and everything else that can pile up already taken care of.  We can provide support if you're pumping and/or breastfeeding your baby, and provide a listening ear and shoulder to lean on during this trying time. 

Transitioning from NICU to home comes with it's own set of challenges. Your Newborn Care Specialist can continue to take care of things around the house to help you focus on the important work of bonding with you baby, while also easing any anxieties that you may have over caring for your baby. We collaborate expertly with your baby's medical team, following their plans and directions for your baby's care to a T, so that you can feel confident with your baby's health and safety through day and/or night, allowing you to take much needed breaks for self care. 

Caring for you NICU baby or NICU graduate can be challenging, and your family deserves the very best support available.