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Sleep Consultant vs Sleep Coach: The Magic of In-Home Training Programs

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Sleep consultant... Sleep coach... Sleep trainer... 

When you're seeking help sleep training your baby, the terms and titles can be overwhelming especially when you're already exhausted. 

"What's the difference, really? Who can help me get my baby sleeping through the night?"

first things first, what is sleep training?

In very simple terms, sleep training is the process of helping your baby, toddler, or preschooler fall asleep on their own, and sleep through the night without assistance from you. There are more methods of sleep training than you could possibly imagine, so we won't even go there.

Some parents choose to sleep train their children themselves using books, blogs, schedules, or pure intuition. Other parents choose to hire expert help from the start or through struggling with sleep training on their own. This is where sleep consultants and sleep coaches come in. 

what is a sleep consultant?

While terms are frequently used interchangeably, for the most part a Sleep Consultant will consult virtually, over the phone, or occasionally with an in person meeting. This person will discuss the sleep issues that your baby or toddler is happening and create a plan to help fix them. They may have a standardized approach that they apply to every family. Some you may have heard of include the Ferber Method, the Babywise Method, the No Cry Sleep Solution, Cry It Out, or Gentle Sleep Training among others. 

what is a sleep coach?

As you may have guessed, if a sleep consultant does consulting, a Sleep Coach coaches.  Rather than simply handing you a plan to work on your own, a sleep coach custom creates a plan based on your family's needs and goals, walks with you in-person through the process of implementing the plan, and is available for support for any bumps along the road. 


At Bluegrass Baby Co., our baby and toddler sleep training services are provided by a Mommywise Certified Sleep CoachWhile most sleep training support in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana are based on virtual or over the phone consulting, we exclusively offer in-home sleep training programs that last from 48 hours to 72 hours in length.

Why? Because we guarantee nothing less than 100% success. By the time our coaching and 4 week follow up period is over, your family will have met (and may even exceed!) the sleep goals that you have only dreamed of. But we don't believe that's possible if we aren't in your home with you, walking with you and supporting you through the process of implementing a plan that is completely customized to your unique family and your unique baby. A series of phone calls, video chats, or emails is no match to having a sleep expert there in the flesh to help meet you and your baby's needs. 

When you have a Sleep Coach in your home for several days helping your family-- making the necessary tweaks and changes in real time, and supporting you in person-- you experience the magic of having a lifetime of healthy sleep materialize in 72 hours or less. It sounds crazy, but if it weren't possible, we wouldn't promise it! 

Bluegrass Baby Co. offers in-home sleep training programs in Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and beyond. If you would like to learn more about how our certified sleep coach can help guide you toward restful nights, we invite you to schedule a complimentary sleep assessment.