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You don't have to quit breastfeeding to get sleep

night time breastfeeding

For some reason, when teaching your baby to sleep through the night is discussed, there's an idea that this is contrary to breastfeeding: Many exhausted parents feel like they need to choose between continuing to breastfeed their baby and getting sleep. And when sleep deprivation can contribute to marital problems, postpartum mood disorders, and just general misery, this is no easy decision for a family with a goal to breastfeed as long as possible. 

So what's more important? Which takes priority: sleep, or breastfeeding?

what if you didn't have to choose? 

Healthy sleep and a healthy breastfeeding relationship can coexist. In fact, solving sleep problems can help save your breastfeeding relationship if sleep deprivation is causing you to seriously consider weaning before you and your baby are actually ready. 

It's time that we stop dismissing the exhaustion that overtired parents are facing. It's time that we stop telling them they have to sacrifice their sleep, and therefore their mental and physical health, for the sake of breastfeeding when that simply isn't true. 

While we fully support all methods of feeding your baby, we also understand that breastfeeding for a certain amount of time is a very important goal for some parents. Whether you're parenting and nursing a newborn, an older baby, or a toddler, Bluegrass Baby Co. can help you get the sleep you need without sacrificing your breastfeeding goals. 


Overnight newborn care isn't just an option for formula feeding parents. 

If you have pumped breastmilk, you can rest through the night (or wake to pump as needed). Our team is trained and experienced in breastmilk storage guidelines, bottle-feeding breastfed babies, paced feeding, and recognizing feeding cues for your baby overnight.

If you are breastfeeding throughout the night, newborn care can still help you get more sleep. We will care for your baby throughout the night while you sleep. When he or she starts showing signs of hunger, we will bring he or she to you to nurse. As you feed your baby, we'll make sure you have a glass a water, your breastfeeding pillow, and anything else that you may need. When your baby is done eating, you can go back to sleep! We'll take care of burping, diaper changing, rocking, and settling them back to sleep so that you can rest. Our Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas are also trained and experienced in trouble shooting common breastfeeding hurdles. 


While some breastfeeding parents have no problem night feeding, for others waking up throughout the night can be a serious cause of stress and sleep deprivation. For a family parenting and nursing an older infant or a toddler, this can really be where they feel tension between their desire to breastfeed and their need to sleep.

Sleep training doesn't have to come at the expense of your breastfeeding relationship! When you and your baby have established a breastfeeding relationship over a few months, and you are ready to breastfeed once over night (or night wean all together) we're ready to help you sleep train your baby. Our In-Home Sleep Training Programs involve a custom plan to make sure your baby is getting all the milk they need during the day and that their needs are met as they learn to sleep independently overnight. After 48-72 hours of sleep training, you'll be sleep through the night and waking to a well rested baby that you can continue to breastfeed as long as long as you both would like to. 

ARE YOU EXHAUSTED BUT AFRAID OF DAMAGING YOUR BREASTFEEDING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BABY? WE'RE HERE TO HELP. lET'S CREATE A PLAN TO GET YOU THE SLEEP YOU NEED WHILE MEETING YOUR BREASTFEEDING GOALS. overnight newborn care and postpartum support is available the louisville kentucky area. in-home sleep training is available throughout kentucky, indiana, and ohio.